Why we became Realtors?
Ray and Linda’s Story;

Linda and I have lived and worked in San Diego since 1976 and have been married since 1979. In 1981, Linda and I purchased our first home, a 3 Bedroom -1 Bath in San Diego. As our family grew, we needed to upgrade to a larger home.

In 1986 having 2 children, we hired a Realtor to list our house for sale. Not being familiar about selling a home we relied on our Realtor to guide us through the sale process, and find our new home. Having so many offers coming at us, we were so excited when our home sold right away, but she never explained nor did we understand what a Sellers Market was and how hard it was going to be to get any of our offers to purchase accepted on our next home in this type of market.

When our escrow was about to close on our existing home, we still hadn't found our next home. Our Realtor did not put any safeguards contingency of the purchase agreements to protect us from closing escrow on our old home before finding our new home, We ended up on the street. All our Realtor had to do is add to the counter offers; “Sellers (Ray and Linda Bader) to find suitable housing before the close of escrow. Both escrows to close concurrently."

So here we were, our escrow closed. We had nowhere to go. She received her commission, stopped answering our calls, and mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth with no further help for us.

With 2 kids under 3 years and no home to move into. We ended up moving all of our belonging into my parent's garage and had to live with them until we either found a house to buy or found a temporary apartment to rent. We ended up renting an apartment for 6 months until we found our next home on our own, which we love and still own today. Thank God the seller of our new home was a retired honest realtor. He guided us through the purchase transaction and escrow.

Afterward, when all was said and done. We settled into our new home still reeling from our ordeal, Linda & I decided to quit our jobs and get into Real Estate. We swore that when we became realtors, we would explain every detail of all contracts, and negotiate on your behalf. No one that we represented would ever have to go through such a needlessly traumatic experience as we did, EVER!

After our ordeal, we understood that you need always be aware of what the day-to-day goings on are. By keeping you in the loop of what's happening on the sale or purchase, we know your anxiety and fears of the unknown will subside a bit for you and will have a more enjoyable transition. We will never leave you in the dark! Linda & I carry our cell phones with us at all times so we can be reached to answer questions or any concerns that you may have.

Negotiating skills are something that can only be gained through experience not a classroom. Through that process, no offer will slip through our fingers without all our efforts and avenues being exhausted. We know we are "WORKING FOR AND WITH YOU, ALWAYS KEEPING YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART!"

Updating our continuous education, new skills, training, and technology intrigue us. We are committed to empowering and serving our clients throughout as well as after their home buying or selling process.

Listening to you and your needs, Linda & I will have a better understanding of what your expectations will be. We will never rush or push anyone into a sale that wasn't perfect for them. In our over 33 years in real estate, we’ve always believed that things happen for a reason. “What’s meant to be will be.” Being true to that, everything seems to work out for the best. That’s why we say,

“We want to be your family's realtor for life.”

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