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Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource

Are you having difficulty paying your mortgage?
Is your home worth less than the loans you owe on it?
Do you have a pressing need to sell your home and relocate?

A Short Sale may be your Solution… We can sell your home quickly, at current market value, avoid foreclosure, minimize the negative impact to your credit, and in some cases, eliminate your liability for the remaining balance of the loan.

The Bader Bunch specialize in helping homeowners facing default, or already in foreclosure, by handling the Short Sale of the home. We understand that facing foreclosure is a very stressful and emotional situation. We have helped other families with similar circumstances, and we know that most people are unaware of their options, one of which is a Short Sale.


A Short Sale occurs when the amount of money needed to fully pay off all loans and costs of the sale of a home exceed the current market value of the property. “Short” Sale refers to this deficiency – the lenders agree to a “Short” payoff. In other words, the lenders agree to take less than the amount owed.

A well negotiated Short Sale can:

1. Obtain approval from lenders to accept as payment in full an amount which is less than the balance owed
2. Obtain approval from lenders and 3rd party insurers not to pursue a Seller for the deficiency at a later date

3. Protect a Seller from being required to deposit funds into escrow

4. Minimize damage to a Seller’s credit score and ability to buy a new home later

5. Obtain approval from lenders to pay all commissions and closing costs

The Bader Bunch offer free, private consultations without any obligation, over the phone or in person, at our office or in your home. With a Short Sale there is no charge to a Seller and we are paid by the lender at the close of escrow.

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