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Do You Want Aggressive Marketing?Marketing Tools

In addition to an ad in Coldwell Banker Homes Magazine, your property will be strategically featured in selective Coldwell Banker display ads in the San Diego Area's most widely read publications, with a combined total circulation of over two million.

The Bader Bunch employs all the latest and most effective tools of advertising to successfully market your home, including print and electronic mediums including The San Diego Union Tribune, and several popular San Diego Magazines.


The Bader Bunch and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is dedicated to marketing your home to the ever-increasing number of potential buyers on the web.

  •  Over $45 million has been spent on Internet initiatives that include relationships with sites such as,,,,, and, as well as excellent placement in major search engine results.

  •  We can connect potential homebuyers with sellers through our LeadRouter technology, delivering a phone call and an e-mail on all inquiries regarding your property within 15 seconds. No one, except you, has more interest in marketing your home than we do. Responding quickly to inquiries is a very important to our success.

  • Coldwell Banker Web Partners

An effective Internet marketing strategy requires much more than just placing your home on several Websites. With Coldwell Banker and The Bader Bunch, our eMarketing Advantage technology is designed to provide our sellers with exceptionally powerful tools for exposing their home to the Internet and maximizing the generation and follow-up of buyer leads on their property.

Let’s take a look at how we plug into the technology that puts your home on top.

Your ideal homebuyer is already out there searching online. We know how to find them and drive them to your listings – through a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy.

80% of today’s homebuyers use the Internet at some time in their new home search. That means 31% more homebuyers use the Internet than traditional newspapers.

In anticipation of this continuing shift toward the Internet, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate and The Bader Bunch have developed its most comprehensive online marketing program to date in order to expose your home to the online homebuyer. Putting your home on the most popular and highly used real estate Websites available will substantially improve our chances of connecting with the right buyer.

The following pages describe our commitment and approach to generating the greatest possible demand for your home using the Internet and how our leading edge technology will ensure that all buyer inquiries about your home receive a fast, professional response.


Today, through our powerful alliances and a careful investment of $45 million, our listings are prominent on all of the most popular real estate Websites, which translates directly into more leads for your listings.
And there’s more…
Our complete Internet marketing that includes strategies such as:

Real Estate MArketing San Diego Area
Real Estate MArketing San Diego Area

  1. Increased exposure by placing your property on real estate Websites such as REALTOR.COM,,,,,, and, as well as the real estate channels of major Web portals like AOL, MSN, and EarthLink.

  2. Multiple photos (at least 6) and detailed property descriptions on all Websites to attract greater buyer interest.

  3. Purchasing 56,000 key real estate search terms on major search engines like Yahoo and Google.

  4. Immediate response to Internet buyer inquiries on your home using our state-of-art LeadRouter software.

The Purpose

  • Just like in the real world, location is everything on the Internet. Our investment in the most valuable online real estate ensures that buyers will find what they want – with The Bader Bunch and Coldwell Banker.

  •  We know about homebuyers’ increased use of search engines when looking for a new home.

  •  We are spending $4 million annually to purchase 56,000 search engine keyword terms that places at the top of the search engine results.

Search engigne grphic

52% of U.S. consumers find the Websites they use to make a purchase by visiting search engines. We aim to be highly visible in those search engine results, driving buyers to our Websites and your listings.

First, let’s look at our search engine advantage.
52% of U.S. consumers find the Websites they use to make a purchase by visiting search engines.
With that in mind, we are investing $4 million annually in search engine advertising to purchase 56,000 search terms on prominent sites such as Yahoo and Google.
This way, when a buyer begins searching for homes in your area using virtually any of the major search engines, our Website will have prime positioning on each search results page.
This allows us to drive interested buyers to our Website to view your home.


Our search engine advantage is only the first part of our plan to secure a prominent online presence. By showcasing your listing on top real estate Websites, such as, as well as our own company branded sites, we make sure your property receives maximum exposure.
Coldwell Banker California’s Website features ALL properties for sale from 20 Multiple Listing Services covering all the major California markets.

After first putting your home in our local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we will place your home on our highly advertised Website,
With 8.5 million visitors last year, is the area’s premier real estate Website with over 294,509 MLS listed properties throughout all of California.

The site features buyer conveniences such as:

  •  At least 6 color photos for every listing.

  •  Automatic buyer e-mail notification when a property matching their criteria becomes available.

  •  Contact by phone and e-mail to quickly and easily connect with us for a showing or additional information about your home. They can get a return call within seconds.

    Placing your home on is the first important step towards getting your home sold as quickly and conveniently as possible. Let’s look at our next Web site.

More than 2.million visitors log on to every month. As a branded Website, buyers looking to work specifically with Coldwell Banker can easily find the site and a home.

Our highly promoted Website features all Coldwell Banker listings internationally.

This award-winning site attracts more than 2.million potential buyers a month, averaging a visit time of 19 minutes per session. After locating your home on, buyers can then link directly to our Website to take advantage of our enhanced listing information and instant communication features.


Homebuyers spend 75% of the time they search online for a home at REALTOR.COM. We want to draw them to our listings, our Websites and our agents.

The next real estate Website is the #1 real estate Website worldwide, REALTOR.COM.
We know that homebuyers spend 75% of the time they search online for a home at REALTOR.COM.. That is why we have an unprecedented alliance with REALTOR.COM. to enhance your home’s positioning and presence on their Website.

We’ve created an invaluable resource that provides maximum exposure for your home.
And by placing your property on REALTOR.COM., it will also be seen on the real estate channels of major Web portals like AOL, MSN, EarthLink, The Wall Street Journal Online and more.

More on the benefits of this strategic alliance follow shortly, but first let’s talk about a couple of other Websites and the important role photos play in the marketing of your property.


Coldwell Banker’s partnership with Google gives you an appreciable marketing edge. Because Google links directly to we can ensure the consumers have access to full property detail, selling features and multiple photos.

With a staggering 61% of searches are performed worldwide on Google, more than all other search engines combined.

Coldwell Banker’s partnership with Google will enhance the quality and breath of internet advertising for your property. Making your home easier to find online.

Consumers will be directed from Google Base to where our rapid response system, LeadRouter, will allow you to immediately contact prospective buyers.

Our partnership with Trulia provides tremendous exposure for your clients’ home. links directly to providing the ability to show the full property detail and all photos. is one of the fastest growing sites in the real estate category and the 2006 winner of Business Week’s Best of the Web, Real Estate award. Trulia has more that 2 million visitors each month increasing visibility of your property to prospective buyers.

Consumers will be directed from to, where our rapid response system, LeadRouter, will allow us to immediately contact prospective buyers.


When we & Coldwell Banker schedule an open house, we make sure it gets maximum exposure on Websites catering to buyers across the country.

When we schedule an open house at Coldwell Banker, we immediately place the information on our Website, which then automatically feeds the information to our exclusive Website in addition to, and the
This easily found Website allows prospective buyers to search for and print a list of open houses being held in their specific area or any area in the United States in the near future. will even e-mail the date and time of your open house to all registered homebuyers interested in purchasing a home like yours in our area.


  • Your next buyer may not necessarily reside in state or even in the same country.

  •  The Internet has made it easier than ever to market to a targeted and geographically diverse clientele. Our partnerships with respected and world renowned publications give us even more opportunity to reach an upscale international audience.

To help attract homebuyers across the nation and around the globe, we have partnered with and, the Websites of nationally and internationally renowned publications the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune.

Homes priced over $400,000 will be shown in the Real Estate section of With more than 36 million page views, this section is among the most popular and engaging areas of the #1 newspaper Website in the world. Its 4 million unique visitors per year are constantly looking for primary and secondary residences in key markets.

All Previews priced homes will be shown in the Great Homes section of, which many consider the definitive online source for luxury real estate.
Homes priced over one million dollars will be shown (on a specially selected basis) in the Properties section of, further expanding the consumer appeal and international reach of this program to include the online readership of the International Herald Tribune. With 2.8 million unique visitors per month, is the Website of choice for an upscale international audience.
Together, these sites attract millions of potential homebuyers each year -- another reason to have confidence in our ability to market your home to a geographically diverse audience.

Photo Marketing Program
Homes with six photos are viewed 299% more often than homes without multiple photos. This is such a simple and effective step that no agent can afford to skip it.

Research shows homes featuring six photos are viewed 299% more often than homes without multiple photos. In fact, many consumers will not even look at homes with only one or no photos.
That is why we feature a minimum of 6 color photos on all properties we list on all Websites.
We will discuss with you which features of your home appeal most to buyers when searching for their new home.
We will use the multiple images we take to showcase your home on all our Websites and further enhance your listing on REALTOR.COM.


Multiple photos, detailed property descriptions and sales associate contact information help homes stand out and attract more buyers.

A moment ago, we discussed our aggressive strategic alliance with REALTOR.COM. The first of the enhanced features we mentioned is called Showcase Enhanced Listings.
To satisfy this consumer preference, all of our REALTOR.COM listings are Showcase Enhanced Listings that include 6 color photos, a detailed written property description, and our direct contact information so buyers can reach us quickly and easily.
Fewer than 10% of listings on REALTOR.COM are Showcase Enhanced, so you can see how we can help make your home stand out from the rest.


  • Featured Home properties are viewed 20 times more often than other listings and receive more inquiries from buyers.

  •  PLEASE NOTE: Not every listing will receive Featured Home exposure. Featured Homes are chosen based upon available zip codes we are able to purchase and the number of spots an individual office has been allocated

Coldwell Banker has purchased 1,371 Featured Home slots in California on REALTOR.COM. When homebuyers search for homes in your community, Coldwell Banker property listings are frequently featured at the top of the page with a color photograph and pricing details.

This listing exposure benefits our sellers collectively as buyers inquire further into properties like yours in the specific area and click through back to

Notification of online buyer inquires are sent to the listing agent within seconds by cell phone, allowing a prompt and knowledgeable response. Few companies can offer this kind of customer service.

After generating the greatest exposure for your property, we follow it up with the most knowledgeable and responsive customer service in the business.
While a response to online customer inquiries today can often takes days, with Coldwell Banker and The Bader Bunch we are able to respond within minutes.|

Thanks to our state-of-the-art LeadRouter software, a buyer’s online request for us to contact them about your home is immediately routed to our cell phone allowing us to respond instantly.
Our personal commitment to you is to make sure all Internet inquiries are responded to quickly and efficiently. That’s customer service unequaled in our industry.

We are sure you can see the benefit of our progressive and aggressive Internet advantages. Coldwell Banker and The Bader Bunch have invested more than $45 million dollars into the technology and the resources you’ve just seen to ensure that your listing will be seen by more buyers, that it will include the information they want, and that we will be able to respond instantly to their inquiries.

With The Bader Bunch and Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, you come out on top.

What we know:

  • 80% of home shoppers use the Internet as part of their home search.

  •  It is important to have a strong presence on the Internet to meet this ever-growing demand. Exposure on multiple Websites is important.

  • Multiple pictures mean your home will be seen 299% more times than listings without photos

  • Prompt and professional response to online inquiries can be a critical part of effectively marketing homes through the Internet.

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