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Coldwell Banker
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San Diego, CA 92108

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Phone Linda: (619) 985-2905
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► Prepare Appraisal
Complete Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) utilizing the Multiple Listing Service and Public Records.
► Prepare Net Sheet

Prepared to assist you in Computing your Net Proceeds and Costs (Net Bottom Line) from an estimated offer you would receive based on the current CMA.
► Complete Listing Agreement Packet

Exclusive Authorization and Right to Sell.
Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency.
Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS).
Seller's Affidavit of Non-foreign Status and/or California Residency (FIRPTA).
Smoke Detector / Water Compliance.
Lead Base Paint Disclosure.


► Submit Listing to the MLS
Input your property information into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
► Display your Listing with photos on our website -

► Install Lock Box On Property
► Install For Sale Sign
Install personalized sign to insure Buyers calls are being answered by us promptly!
► Prepare Personalized Promotions for your Property
Color Photographs of your Property.
Prepare Brochures.
Order mass mailing postcards for your property.
Submit Ads to Internet Sites & Newspapers, Local Magazines.
Install Flyer Box on the Yard Sign and Flyer Tray inside the property.


► Contact Your Closest Neighbors
Send "Just Listed" Postcards in the vicinity of Your Property to Neighbors.
► Fax and/or Email Offices in the Area of the Property, "New Property on the Market"
By faxing and Emailing "Just Listed" information Price, Bedrooms, Baths, Square Footage, Remarks Real Estate Companies in San Diego letting them know your that your property is New on the market to show their potential Buyers.
► Schedule and Have Broker's Preview
This allows Agents & Brokers County wide to preview your property with The Baders. We will discuss response from agents/brokers with You.


► Follow-up on Buyers that have Seen Your Property  - Answer Questions and Solicit Additional Showings
By Telephoning, Writing or E-mailing each buyer after they have seen your property, increases our opportunity to sell your property ourselves.
► Continue To Place Ads
The Bader Bunch & Coldwell Banker will advertise your property Every Day Until it's Sold! We stand by the philosophy that in today's market your property needs to be exposed as much as possible and with every means possible! There are no tricks in this business except looking for more ways to get Exposure, Exposure, Exposure for your property!
► Keep in Constant Contact with You
The Bader Bunch first priority is You, our Client! We know that we are and will be doing all in our power to sell your property. We also understand that it is critical to keep you informed and updated. Our commitment to you is that we will stay in constant contact with you as much as possible via Phone, Mail, Fax or Ray's personal favorite E-mail !.


► Schedule Offers To Be Presented
As soon as we receive an offer, we will call and either set up a time to present the offer or if you live out of town we will discuss it over the phone then send you the originals via the fax and mail. We most likely will counter the offer keeping your best interest always first! We represent YOU!
► Complete an Approximate Net Sheet
That will give you an accurate number as to what your net proceeds will be.
► Put A Sold Sign On Your Property!
After loan application was taken and physical inspection was performed.
► Opening Escrow
An Escrow Company is a third natural party who will create all the Legal Documentation required to convey Title of a Real Property in California.


► Physical Inspections

Performed by the Buyer at Buyer's expense. We strongly recommend they have one done by a licensed contractor. This is important for you the Seller because it helps shift the liability to the buyers.
► Schedule and Meet Appraiser
We will meet the appraiser to answer any questions he/she may have
regarding the property and to point out important items that will enhance the appraised value.
► Commence Repairs
As soon as the dust has settled and the loan is approved, we will start authorizing any necessary repairs to commence such as; Water Heater Strapping, Repairs from the Physical Inspection that You approved to be fixed, termite work, etc.


► Sign Escrow
The escrow instructions are previewed by Ray and then sent to you for signing. Ray will go over the paper work with you in person or by phone to insure you will have all questions answered.
► Notarize Your Grant Deed
If you are in town, Linda, a Licensed California Notary Public, will come to you to have your Grant Deed Notarized at no cost to you, our Client.
Escrow is Closed and You, the Seller, will receive your check from the escrow!